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Authentic is generalised payment platform most often used for payments applications, such as consumer payment services hubs, payment gateways and conventional card-related switching, authorisation, and device-driving applications.

Authentic is an Open Development payment platform and handles any type of transaction. It can accept transactions from any device, source, or system, map these into different formats, authorise and authenticate them, and then route them to any destination.

Authentic is truly flexible. The exact same product is used to meet a wide variety of payments technology challenges including:

  • one-to-one payments integrations
  • many-to-one or one-to–many gateway implementations
  • acquirer device driving
  • pure switching environments
  • full end-to-end acquirer and issuer systems combined.

Authentic’s design empowers clients to customise the system themselves, via GUI interfaces, without programming.

Designed to be future proof and SOA-ready, Authentic offers unparalleled flexibility and linear throughput scalability.

What’s special?

Message mapping, processing workflows and business logic are all user configurable, so Authentic enables clients to have total strategic control of their system, and to perform or maintain their own customisations with minimal dependence on Alaric, should they so desire.

Upgrades are simpler and less costly with Authentic – this is because customisations are totally segregated from core product code – new releases and upgrades can be rolled in without change to pre-existing customizations, a major cost and time saving compared to other products.

Alaric believes in client freedom, not vendor lock-in. Clients get the best of both worlds with Alaric’s products – they can be operationally independent for customisations (if they so desire) while receiving all the benefits of a product.

The Alaric Payment Suite, consisting of Authentic and Fractals, is certified as PA-DSS compliant.

Authentic is platform independent. Customers run Authentic on Oracle, Stratus, HP and IBM servers running Linux, Windows, HP-UX and AIX operating systems. Alaric recommends that Authentic is run on a reliable and extensible database such as Oracle, IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows (LUW), or Microsoft SQL Server.